About Us

MFS Shoes started to serve in Turkey- Istanbul in 2007, by Osman Sidar and Ismail Alanli bringing together more than 25 years of design and production experience.

MFS Shoes has cooperation with many domestic and international stores in Zenne and women's shoe group. A large part of the production capacity is reserved for export and carries out export activities to 35 countries.
Our company has an understanding of production, where traditional methods and manual labor are at the forefront. In addition to the alternatives that we will offer you with our constantly renewed collections, you can find fast, high quality and aesthetic solutions for model demands from you in MFS shoes.

MFS Shoes continues it’s supply stages such as brand, parcel, barcoding and product shipments in a smooth and high quality way in special productions for your company. Our company, which prioritizes the expectations of shoe enthusiasts, is growing every day with it's stylish designs that make their mark on all seasons.